Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oh Boy!

Need I say more?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Easter eggs and Fairy wings

Here are some spring items I have been working on. Some more traditional. Some with an altered twist. I used the old fashioned panorama eggs as inspiration. The eggs are sugared on the back with dusty rose or aqua german glass glitter. It is so hard to get the true colors in photos. The insides are sugared with clear german glass glitter over book pages. I had fun and when I clean up all this glitter , I'm going in for more! For the tussie mussies I made sweet beaded handles and added paper grass so you could add some treasures.
Now if the weather would cooperate. ...some bunny's gonna freeze his tail off!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Swan and shells

Swans and shells. I guess I have a water theme going there. I do love the ocean so I see why I love shells. Not sure when the swans came in.

I collect the matte white glazed McCoy pottery. But you know how it is get 2 or 3 of something and then it's a collection. So I have a collection of swans and shells within my pottery collection.
I store them in a cupboard that has gone thru as many style transformations as I have. It started out as a repro pie safe when I was doing red, white , and blue or Americana. It had punched tin doors. But for the latest transformation, I removed the doors and painted it...pale mint inside and yellow cream on the outside. I just love how the white McCoy pieces look in there.
I have been crafting some this week and have some spring things to show you soon.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Valentine card sets are now on sale at 40% off in my etsy store!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Bottle collage

I was inspired by ideas with bottles from my friend Rhea at Sweetnshabbyroses to create these bottle collages. These are vintage bottles dug from the earth. If there is a cap it's rusted, and the show their age with mineral deposits.
I used vintage dictionary pages , as I love the color of them. Bits and scraps are added on and soon you have a story.

To the top of each bottle I added a tag and various baubles including some of my handmade plastic charms.

They can be found on ebay or etsy. From Feb. 1st thru the 3rd, with any etsy or ebay purchase, I'll include 2 free greeting cards or tags . My choice. Thanks!