Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm Blue

This is a little redo I did in my sitting room before Christmas but I am just now getting the pictures. It used to be a tuscan style with and italian painting , brown plaid chairs, and burgundy pillows.  I took down the painting above the mantle and added this new mirror. There is writing in french in each of the four corners.
I made new simple pillow covers in icy blues.  I made bolster pillows out of the same fabrics for the chairs. 
I slipcovered the brown plaid chairs in a natural cotton duck. I was so happy to find this super soft throw at TJ Maxx. Usually when you go shopping with a color in mind you can never find it.

The fireplace surround is gray marble so I think it compliments the blue nicely.

I bought this blue church at Christmas but it matches so well I hate to pack it away. I got the nice little color change I wanted without having to change too many things. Since the room already had golds and neutrals I could get away with it I think. I'd like to do the family room in the same color scheme but the walls are green in there so that would require painting. Ugh....painting! I will have to think on that one some more.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

How many books can one girl own!!

The problem with organizing is there has to be a place for everything. So somethings must go. I am a self professed decorating/craft book-aholic. I treasure them and take good care of them. But seriously I could open my own library. So to make room for the new year, I am selling some of my babies. If you need pretty pictures to look at on a cold and snowy night, look for them in my ebay. More added in a few days.