Friday, May 30, 2008

Giveaway winner

I have to be out of town for the drawing on Saturday, so I am doing my drawing today. With the unbiased help of hubby drawing a number, the winner is Ashley of Thanks go out to everyone who left a comment, I enjoyed everyone and was so happy to participate in this year's Cottage Giveaway. Thanks to Kim for hosting all the fun.
Make it a great day!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Cottage Giveaway

I am happy to be joining the Cottage giveaway. I am offering a pink patchwork tote with vintage button, a pink and cream crocheted table runner, a velvet millinery rose, and an altered art piece made by me. Come join the fun. Winner to be drawn May 31st. Go check out the list of other giveaways here at Kim's site Leave a comment on this post to be entered in my drawing.

Shocking pink.... or have I lost my mind

I know these look red in the pic , but they are hot
pink or fushia and the beginning of my porch redo.
I wanted it shabby and pink but with a punch.....
I guess I got that. I don't know why I even bother
with a porch as the weather has been so rainy (only 3
sunny days this month!) that I had to paint them in
my kitchen . Now I am adding pastels and will put
up more pics when it is done. (I really hate that it looks red
and you can't see the true pink).

This pic is for Lori especially. This is what I found
at the flea market this week....well some not all of it,
yep there was more! One dealer that I really like
had a huge FREE pile! Well, that was all my SIL and I
needed to hear. It was a huge blessing as I was able to
snag glasses for my daughter, a Haeger vase in matte white
that I collect , some candlewick for my sister and a pink
Lefton piece at the top of this photo. I didn't get a pic of the
things I gave away, well, before I gave them away, but I
felt like a kid at Christmas and Santa Claus at the same
time. Thanks Tiffany!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm Blue

The gold dining room is no more. In fact it has
been painted for several weeks now, white with a
band of pale aqua at the top.

New valances were the starting point for the
color change. I have several rooms in tuscan gold
and wanted one room where I could but roses and pink
and aqua items.

This cupboard is now aqua too. I
like it with my matte white McCoy pottery.
I am now living with the room for awhile
to decide what kind of chair backs or covers
to make. So stay tuned.

This is an idea I snitched from Rhea at She uses these cute little cheese covers
to display or highlight an item on a pretty plate.
So , I was tickled when I found 2 of these at the
thrift store for a total of $1.28! I put one of my
favorite millinery flowers in this one but any number of cute
little treasures will do.

Well, that is it for now for the dining room.
I would love to do the whole first floor, hey, the
whole house in this palette but I have some furniture
pieces that I can't get rid of for now. Some creativity
is needed. But for now, I have my one aqua/ pink room.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Isn't She Lovely!

This is my favorite picture of my Mom.
She was 19 yrs old, the same year she was
married to my Dad. I love the hairstyles from
the early 50's!
There is a whole lot of art going on in
this family. Two daughters, one in Art and
one in fashion design and me into everything.
And we owe it all to my Mom. She tried everything
too and mastered many of them. She painted in
watercolors, sewed, gardened, decorated, and sculpted
among many other things. She loved to paint rooms
and re-arrange furniture. My husband remembers that
she even re-painted the inside of the closets with each
new scheme. Ok, so we share more than art! Maybe a
little craziness there too!
She has been gone 16 years and I love her and miss
her everyday. Happy Mother's Day Mom!