Friday, July 27, 2007

"You can be my Cowgirl"

I received a custom order to make a few items
using these vintage cowboy prints. I'm a pink
girl but it is fun for a change to work with these
prints. I'm a cowgirl wannabe.....ok, it's just for
horses cause I don't like getting dirty.....and if
I could find a vintage pink cowgirl print I'd be
set! I remember these prints in my brother's
flannel shirts. I had ballerinas and don't get me
wrong, ballerinas are great. But, every once in
awhile a girl needs a horse too! Or maybe a
horse pillow or tote.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Unaltered art

I snatched up a batch of these vintage cards, some seasonal , some scriptural, but all in excellent condition , at the flea market. I'm having buyers remorse because I left two-thirds of the lot there! What was I thinking. I'm very practical and I have to have a use in mind to buy something. So I rationalized to myself that I would use them in creating something, some art. And yet they are art in themselves. Every sweet last one of them. I could never alter them. So I shuffle through them and look at the beautiful colors and wish I had the whole lot of them even if it isn't practical and I can't "use" them for anything.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Ladies who lunch

I found this cutie at the flea market. It made me think of the June Cleavers and how they did their housework in pearls and heels! Those ladies knew how to dress. And look at the "Barbie" waist on that drawing. That's gotta hurt!. I used to sit on my Mom's bed and go thru her jewelry box while she did her hair and make-up for dinner parties. I've had family get togethers but sadly, never a dinner party. So here's to all the beautiful ladies in my family and yours! ( and all the beautiful jewelry they left behind!). I think we all could use some of their glitz and glamour.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

I love this view out my front door. It is everything summer......our flag, sunshine, my husband's garden. And we are blessed to be able to keep the door open! Can't do that everywhere , even in this great country. The second picture is my "babysitting project" Lily. I'm watching her and she is watching me for 3 weeks while my daughter is away. She has such a personality. I 'm afraid she only tolerates me as she is so in love with her "Mama." She is a red bellied parrot, only hers isn't because she is female. You know how in nature, the males get all the pretty colors because the mama's get to nest with the sweet babies. So it is with Lily. She pretends not to like me but I think she is coming around. I got her to smile for the camera. Yeah , that's a smile!