Thursday, July 5, 2007

I love this view out my front door. It is everything summer......our flag, sunshine, my husband's garden. And we are blessed to be able to keep the door open! Can't do that everywhere , even in this great country. The second picture is my "babysitting project" Lily. I'm watching her and she is watching me for 3 weeks while my daughter is away. She has such a personality. I 'm afraid she only tolerates me as she is so in love with her "Mama." She is a red bellied parrot, only hers isn't because she is female. You know how in nature, the males get all the pretty colors because the mama's get to nest with the sweet babies. So it is with Lily. She pretends not to like me but I think she is coming around. I got her to smile for the camera. Yeah , that's a smile!


Stephanie said...

Oh for a view like that!! Love that birdie, too. I'm also babysitting daughter's fiance's JRT, Willie, but he truly is in love with me!

Angelic Accents

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh the bird is so cool! I love their personalities! Sometimes you feel like they think you are stupid,lol. The same thing with cats!!

I just adore the view out your front door! The gingerbread trim, everything. It is just gorgeous!!


vickie said...

What a pretty view! Hope that birdie doesn't fly outside to see the garden! LOL You two have a good time.


Ele said...

That is a lovely view! Have a wonderfuld day!