Friday, July 13, 2007

Ladies who lunch

I found this cutie at the flea market. It made me think of the June Cleavers and how they did their housework in pearls and heels! Those ladies knew how to dress. And look at the "Barbie" waist on that drawing. That's gotta hurt!. I used to sit on my Mom's bed and go thru her jewelry box while she did her hair and make-up for dinner parties. I've had family get togethers but sadly, never a dinner party. So here's to all the beautiful ladies in my family and yours! ( and all the beautiful jewelry they left behind!). I think we all could use some of their glitz and glamour.


Miss Rhea said...

Yep, You've Gotta love June !! Sweet Post Karen, I agree completely and LOVE that pretty sweater clasp !!

Ele said...

That is so pretty! How fun would that be to wear?!

vickie said...

Karen, I was in an antique mall this past week, and one lady had a dress form with a sweater on it, and about 10 of these cute sweater clasps! So cute.

Stephanie said...

That is definitely Wally & Beav's mom's sweater clip! There is a lot to be said for the good old days. Glitz & Glam are two of my favorite words ~ use them pretty often in my auctions! :0)

Angelic Accents

Bertie said...

Thanks for bringing back a memory, Karen! I remember that my babysitter had one of these and I just LOVED it! She said she would give it to me one day, but sadly, never did (that I can recall). My mom was a June Cleaver. She even wore nylons with the seams up the back to do laundry! I don't even wear them to dinner!