Saturday, March 29, 2008

I finally did it!

Ok, remember last summer when I bought a safety pin
and bead basket at the flea market ! You don't? Well,
I did, and I wanted to take it apart to figure out
how they are made. But , I found an instruction booklet
online to make 7 different safety pin baskets so no baskets
had to be destroyed! As soon as the directions arrived,
I ran to the store for supplies of pins and beads and
found that there wasn't much color selection but they did
have a pastel mix so that is what I started with to make this little
sweety. Then a whole new world of beads in everyone rainbow color
opened up for me online so who knows how many combinations of
colors and designs I could make! It does take some time how -
ever so it's not for those that like instant craft gratification.
My daughter said they are b**t ugly. But I don't live in a
pottery barn house and when you visit you are going to see pink
accessories made out of safety pins and paper bags. My extended
family is polite, they don't get me, but they smile. It makes
me smile and thats why I do it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Easter

My daughter arrives home for spring break tommorrow and other daughte is already here so I will be in heaven. We will hit the thrift store...can you believe I am lucky enough to have kids that like to go with me...although they look for clothes and I look for, well, everything else. I also have painting on the mind. Wall painting that is. My brother and sister are each getting new houses and I have alittle decorating envy so I'm thinking of painting the dining room . I am into aqua more and more but I would have to make it go with the tuscan kitchen. So anyway, I'm on the hunt for paint and fabric, which is a good thing as Martha would say. Have a glorious Holy Week and Easter Sunday. Praise God , Spring is here.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Today was not a "pink" day....oh, but
I did use a pink background!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Pink Bunny Box

Style, what is my style? I love pink and frou-frou and I love mixed media with hats and butterfly wings and I thought I couldn't do both. I wanted a style. And I tried to fit the altered art and then I drooled at the pink and glitter. So I decided I had to do both. Different moods , different style. I am like that with decorating too. I love a good shabby chic room in a magazine and if the next page is tuscan, that is my new favorite. I can't commit to a style in my home either. I so wanted a style, but my style is to incorporate many styles and for now that will have to be ok.

This week was a pink frou-frou week and I made a sweet bunny box with crepe paper and tulle, and a journal with copies of sweet vintage cards tied up with seam binding. Who knows what next week will bring!