Saturday, April 26, 2008

Quilt Collage

I made this quilt collage using one of the Cabinet
cards I found at the flea market. I pieced together
some pretty fabrics including some Rachel Ashwell,
to use as the base. I added the card, vintage jewelry
finding, vintage velvet ribbon, and copies of vintage
ephemera. It measures a large 13 x 17 ins. and hangs
by a french laundry hanger. It is in my etsy store.
I enjoyed combining the fabric and the paper items.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Monday Fleas are back

Yippee! The weather has gotten warm enough
and the flea market on Mondays has opened.
I bought a box of old greeting cards. They are
so pretty. I sat and read them as most have a
note on them and they all belong to Blanche.
Blanche had cancer in 1953 and these are all
get-well cards sent to her. She was really loved!

This is my favorite with a piece of ribbon and a
3-D fold to it. I also found some cabinet cards
in excellent condition. They are destined for
No flea market in the country would be complete
without lunch at the Amish restaurant. So that is
where you can find me every Monday till the snow
flies again. What a great start to a week!

Friday, April 11, 2008

You've got Mail!

Isn't it a nice feeling when a package
arrives with your name on it! And
you know by the senders name it's
something really special! I did a swap
with Lori of
I sent her a pink safety pin basket and
she sent me this so sweet confection...a
birdhouse and bird to live in it. I love pink
but lately I love aqua a little more so that
is the color I asked her to use with yellow.
It's perfect...I know! Precisely cut wallpaper and
the most sweet lace trims to the peaks
with a special find at the top. I love it Lori
and it is going in my redecorated , aqua,
pink and yellow dining room......ok, when I
get it redecorated. Swaps are fun when they end
this happily.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Dolly Challenge

I will be away from my computer on the morning of
April 8, the start of Lori's Doll Challenge, so I am
posting early. About 10 years ago, my daughters and
I took doll making classes at a local doll shop. These
are 2 of the dolls I made in class.

The little one peeking out at the bottom was
made by one of my daughters. The woman running
the class was extremely knowledgable
and patient I should add. She helped us immensely
through every step and fired and jointed
the dolls for us.

I did however, on my own, make their
outfits .... with the help of patterns of
course! The bronze dress is silk with
silk ribbon trim. The pink ensemble is
crepe and faille.

The wig on my daughters doll is mohair
and was handmade by the instructor....can you
believe that woman! And her little dress
was handsewn by someone else, not me.

There are several other dolls in storage
as we did this over a 2 year period. But,
then the girls got older and didn't want to
collect dolls anymore so we stopped. But,
they are fond memories for me of mom and daughter
times. My girls are still into artistic endeavors...
one is going for a masters in fine art, and the
other is in fashion design. Thanks Lori for the
chance to show and tell. Go to her blog....faeriewindow...
for links to other doll shows.

Dolly day

Lori, at faeriewindow , is hosting a doll challenge
for tommorrow, April 8. Stop back then for a
few pics and go to her site for the links of all
the others participating. See you then.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A tisket a tasket a safety pin basket

Since I am being overrun by my new love, the safety pin basket, I have decided to sell some on my etsy site with more colors and styles and sizes to come.