Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pink Saturday

Welcome to another Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly.
Please visit her blog to view the complete list of participants for this week.

When I started going to flea markets years and years ago, my little girls would come too. I tried to get them interested in something other than the drinks and snowcones. My littlest, decided that she liked pretty pins. 
So, to keep her coming with me, I would give her quarters to buy a pin or two. You would be surprised how many times that little face and outstretched hand with quarters brought the price down! Of course that never happened when I tried it. 
Now she is away at design school and her pin collection is here with me.  She never collected any particular color or design just what tickled a small girl's fancy. 

These are the ones with pink stones. Pink is not , nor ever has been her favorite color so there are only a few of them. 
Happy Saturday!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Lake Erie

Now, I don't want you west and east coasters to laugh but Ohio has a beach! I said stop laughing! We have lake Erie and the beach at Headlands Park. I spent my evening there yesterday.  You have to start the evening at Scooter's Dawg Haus where you can order what I ordered....a deep fried hotdog with cheese and bacon and a huge mound of greasy fries. Hey, I had a DIET coke! Then you head to the beach.
You park your beach chair right at the water's edge so you can watch the seagulls clean the beach of all the pretzels and french fries left from the daytime partiers.
Or you can watch the groups of teenagers and remember when you thought it was cool to wear a bikini. If I did that now, they'd send for the patrol. I was going to put in a picture of them and try to pass them off as my husband and myself. Right....I didn't think you'd fall for it either!
The only thing I got wet were my toes. It was heavenly cold on a hot evening. I wish this was in my backyard, then I'd be there all the time. But it is more than an hours drive so I don't see it much. A little cottage by the lake or the ocean for retirement is what I dream of. Happy late days of summer!