Sunday, January 30, 2011


I think it takes me longer to recover from the Christmas season than most people. I rather like that there are quiet , snowy  days in January to nest. I have several rooms in my house that I want to paint and spruce up. But I can't concentrate on one at a time. So many paint chips circling in my mind. So I have been picking up items for all the rooms as I see them and I love a sale. I hardly ever pay full price for anything. Even if I love it. It WILL go on sale sooner or later or it wasn't meant to be mine. 

I picked up an eggplant colored, satin, ruffled  pillow at Pier1. I am experimenting with this color. Not one I normally chose but I noticed it creeping into my wardrobe and I'm liking it. I think I'll pair it with gray and silver. That's where the silver cup comes in. I bought several. They are toothbrush holders from Bed Bath And Beyond but I think they look like mint julep cups. They may hold flowers or they may stand alone. I'm not sure. 

For my growing collection of apothocary jars, I bought white ceramic balls with the letters that correspond to the first letters of my family members names. That is for another room. The salewoman at Pier1 was very gracious and sat on the floor with me while I dug through the two large bowls of balls. I thought we were having fun but maybe, now that I think of it,  she was afraid I would slip a few into my pocket!

The last sale item I snatched was a linen shower curtain. It has kissing pleats with shell buttons at the top. Of course that is for another room , a bath , that I have been working on for two years now, gathering bargains as I see them. Well, I see alot of paint in my future ( I got that on sale too at a Sear's store that was going out of business). I hope for you a project, big or small, to keep you busy this winter too.