Thursday, November 19, 2009

A little Glimmer

I am starting on a family room redo. Now it is sage green and mauve but I am changing it to white, taupe, and grey blue. This is my first project. The table is modern but it was an unfinished piece that I already owned so I'm using it. It has a display drawer in the top.
I painted the whole thing cream and rubbed a metallic champagne color over the top in three coats. It really glimmers in the evening with the lights on. 
I picked up these porcelain doll heads at the flea market over the summer. I laid them on top of a layer of vintage buttons on a beautiful vintage tray.  Hubby said " Is that for Halloween, because it's creepy". 
What do you think....creepy? Isn't that a gorgeous tray. That was a flea market find also.
Now I need to get the room painted and some cushions made. Come help me pick a color! Please!

Monday, November 2, 2009

What's in YOUR stocking?

I started making felt Christmas stockings from kits for my nieces and nephews and godchildren about 24 yrs ago. That was what I made for the new baby gift. Now I am making them for their children as well. This is stocking number 23 if I've counted right. And I see no end in sight!