Friday, July 27, 2007

"You can be my Cowgirl"

I received a custom order to make a few items
using these vintage cowboy prints. I'm a pink
girl but it is fun for a change to work with these
prints. I'm a cowgirl wannabe.....ok, it's just for
horses cause I don't like getting dirty.....and if
I could find a vintage pink cowgirl print I'd be
set! I remember these prints in my brother's
flannel shirts. I had ballerinas and don't get me
wrong, ballerinas are great. But, every once in
awhile a girl needs a horse too! Or maybe a
horse pillow or tote.


Sharon said...

"Cowboy Kitsch" - I can remember those prints in bark cloth curtains and bed covers in children's rooms back in the 50's. So cute made up in the totes and pillow. I'm sure your buyer will love these.

Miss Rhea said...

We have a closet full of vintage 50's Cowboy and Indian items waiting for the day my son moves and my Hubby gets his long awaited Gentelmens room. You will make it great , I'm sure !

FrenchGardenHouse said...

These are so great! Wonderful, and you are right, pink and tutus are great, but once in awhile a saddle and pony are just plain F*U*N!

lauraspretties said...

Oh I had a pink cowboy print awhile ago and I still wish I didn't sell it.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Just adorable with the cowboy fabric! I seen some great cowboy retro prints lately. Is it coming back in style? So cute!

Anonymous said...

your bags are gorgeous!