Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January projects

This project was a long time coming.I had a sewing room, a tiny 8 x 9 room. When I wanted to spread out my paper crafting, I moved to another room downstairs because I didn't feel there was enough room to do both in this space. Now the paper crafting corner was overflowing and I was determined to coral everything and lasso it back into this sewing room which is now the "where I do everything" room. My tables are made by attaching folding legs to 2 hollow core doors. They used to be in an "L" shape against the walls. But I decided if I pulled one table out into the middle of the room , parallel to the other table, I could put my chair between the two tables and gain more table top space. I'm sure it wouldn't win any decorating awards, it's a tight space, but I think it will work.
The valance at the window I made from vintage hankies and hung lace behind it. That's my wallpaper stash in the corner. Fabrics are neat on the shelves.The one tight part is slipping around this table to get to the chair without getting caught on the shelves, but it can't be helped.

This is the view from the door. 

This was a Christmas present to myself. It helped me get all my ribbons and laces and bits and bobs out of the draws and boxes where I usually forgot what I had. It is called "Clip it Up" by Simply Renee. This is the two tiers put together. They are bought separately. It did take me quite some time to wind my ribbons and trims around cards so they could hang up, but now I can see what I have.  I bought mine at a local scrapbooking store and was able to use a coupon. Well, that was one job I was happy to get off my "to do" list.


Nathalie Thompson said...

What is it about January and cleaning and organizing? I have had the bug too! Your studio looks perfect for projects! I have yet to tackle my personal space. :)

rosechicfriends said... NOW looks so oranized and ready to work in. Isn't that just the most refreshing feeling?

Also, thans for sharing with us about the cute little nick/nack holder. I could use about 10 of them...all my scraps are in shoe box sized clear plastic contained are wrapped.

Now get to work and CREATE!!!!


Katie said...

Oh nifty, that clip it up thingie is so cool! I love the room, and it matters more that it works than how it looks in the case of workrooms!

Connie said...

Looking good, sweetpea. I thought you meant you put the two tables end to end and was wondering how you would do that in that room. NOW I understand.....DUH moment here, chickee!!

Lori said...

Karen, your room looks like it is full of all sorts of fun things to play with...i love that little clip up's nice to be able to see all of what you have at a glance...

Diane said...

Boy I think all this sharing gets us all moving to get our Studio Space better for the year! Yours looks yummy!

Shirl said...

Hi Karen, I love your room, it's so nice and organized. Nice big table tops to work from too. What a great job you did. That rack is really neat! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!
Bless You, Shirl
Shirls ROse Cottage

Christine said...

Nathalie, I am so jealous. I USED to have a great work room. Well, there was a storm, and then a LOT of water and, well, I'm relocated for just a bit.

Love the clip it up thingie. I could use about 30 of those. I am a notions junkie.

Now, whatcha got stacked on those shelves???? I wanna see!

Christine said...

Karen, did I just call you Nathalie?
It must have been her post at the top casting a spell on my brain. My face is red!!!

I still want to see what is on those shelves!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Karen! Wow, what a wonderful place to create!! And everything is just so neat & orderly. I love the revolving stand for your supplies ~ I've never seen one like that. I can just see you whirling from one table to another!!!

Love you,
Angelic Accents

Heidi Meyer said...

As I am surfing between blogs and organizing my workspace, I am very inspired by yours! Love the Clip-It!

Thanks for sharing! Heidi

Wholesale shabby chic said...

Well, I'm impressed how tidy your workspace is. Is it like that all the time, or did you do it just for the pictures.
I never manage to get so organised, well done!

Sharon said...

Karen I think your room arrangement takes full advantage of all the space available. I like the color,it's very happy and those sweet hankies are just the finishing touch.

The clip it up looks really handy, why haven't I ever seen anything like this out in the stores. What area did you find this is?

Christine said...

Karen, stop by my blog because I am having a little contest of sorts. You are probably too young but you might think it's fun and you might know someone who could win. :)

vickie said...

WOW! Karen, the room looks wonderful, and the clip thingie is so clever!