Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm felting and I can't stop!

Have you ever tried a technique or a tutorial and then you couldn't stop? Well, that is how it has become with me , felted wool sweaters, and this designer's blog.
I made the little tote in the previous post and now I can't stop making these posies with the scraps. I even went looking for more thrift store sweaters. I can't seem to find the pastel sweaters I am searching for, they all seem to be red, blue , or green.  A pink one must be a coveted prize for sure! With the larger scraps of blues and greens I am going to try the baby blanket in her book!  I can't let any go to waste. Give it a try yourself, just don't take my pink sweater if you find it!


Lori said...

those are so cute:) what a great idea!!!

Say It With Roses said...

Cute little wooly posies!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Acorn Cottage said...

My daughter and I are right there with you. We have not one, but two tupperware boxes of felt scraps. It's totally addictive. I should post some of the things we've made. I'm still working on a Christmas project!!!!

Bertie said...

These are darling!!

A little pink treasure is on its way to you, my dear. Watch your mailbox.

Aunt May's Cottage

Anonymous said...

These are really sweet, and it makes me smile to see how very much fun you're having! Makes me very glad indeed to have stumbled upon your blog.