Monday, July 13, 2009

Christmas in July

It was a hot, dusty parking lot where they held the auction. All box lots, all a possible treasure. After a while I grew tired of digging to the bottom of each box, no treasure today. 

Then I found it ," my" box. Vintage Christmas ornaments buried under cheesey satin balls that that were losing threads with every dig into the box. It looked like a long evening as "my" box was at the end. I sat by "my" box, I walked around "my" box, I watched it from afar. I thought I was being coy, not wanting to draw attention to "my" box.
Finally, the auctioneer pointed to "my" box, then he looked straight at me and asked if I wanted it sold separately. I was calm as a cucumber and as sly as a fox, how did he know it was "my " box?!  Did he see me circling? Wow, was he good! 
Well, at least everyone else realized too that it was "my" box and after a few dollars were paid up front, it really was my box. Let the rest of them have the old coffee maker and the box of legos, I was thrilled with my treasure and couldn't wait to get them safely home.
What is in the box that you are waiting 3 hrs. to score? 


Connie said...

Score, indeed, sugar!!!! Wow. I'd love to have all those vintage ornaments......

Lori said...

oooooooooh!!! good for you...what a wonderful collection of ornaments:)

rosechicfriends said...

Oh Karen!!! You lucky Ducky you! I wish there were auctions or boxes like that around here! You have no idea how hard it has been for me to find vintage ornies..until last year and then I scored BIG time and found some Very Old PINK ornies..for .80C for 6 packs..I grabed them up quick...and best of all, it was at my NOW fav thrift store. I seem to find the prettier, and more elaborate ones, 1 here, 2 there...that sort things! But you scored BIG time on this box! Bet I know what you will be doing with them?

Have fun in SF!!!
Love ya...Lorena

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Karen, please teach me how to be coy! I don't have a good poker face!LOL I love all your vintage ornies, especially that sweet Santa one!! WOW!!!

Angelic Accents

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

We will totally wait 3 Hrs for those beauties!!! Nothing like Vintage Christmas Ornaments!!! You SCORED!!!!!
PS: Thank you for the lovely visit :)

Little Pink Studio said...

What great finds! Beautiful vintage ornaments!
Cerri xo

Anonymous said...

Haha boy can I relate to the 3hr. wait at auctions for that one item you want to bid on. It can be fun to watch the action in the mean time though :). The auctioneers at our local auction are old-west through and through and sometimes their shenanigans are so funny that my face hurts when I leave from laughing so much haha. Anyway, what a score you made! They are beautiful!

Stephenie said...

What an amazing score..Those ornaments are sooooo pretty.. I had a christmas in May..I found christmas ornaments at a little store they were on sell for 25 cents..You know I couldn't pass that deal up...Hope all is well...
You have such a pretty blog..

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

No Karen, that is MY box! Send it on over to me!

Rebecca from A Gathering Place said...

You did indeed SCORE a great find!

Me you ask? What will I wait for hours upon hours to get my silly little hands on (additionally, suffer in silence breathing in hours of stale cigarette smoke while in the unbearable heat?)?

Linens and Lace!

Simple as that!

SWEEEEEEEEEEEET Post! I LOVE IT! I can see you now! You sly fox!