Sunday, February 6, 2011

Playing with chocolate

Valentines' Day is only a week away so I thought I would try making chocolates with molds. It's an easy afternoon with almost instant gratification. My favorite kind of craft! I used Merckens chocolate discs. I bought them locally but I think Micheal's and JoAnn's carries them too.

I used a simple double boiler....a bowl over a pot of simmering melt the chocolate.
I tinted 1/2 lb. of white chocolate with a drop of red food coloring to get the palest of pale pink. If I was doing it again, I think I'd add another drop or two.
I bought my cameo mold locally but you can order them online. Even Amazon has them for sale. The next part takes a little practice but if I can do it so can you. Drizzle a small amount of the white chocolate into the cameo recess and spread it around with a toothpick. Then set these aside to cool while you melt down the dark or milk chocolate.
After the white chocolate is hardened, fill the rest of the mold with milk or dark chocolate and tap lightly on the counter to release any air bubbles
Place the molds in the refrigerator till they harden (or the back porch will do if you live in the snow like me!) and then easily pop them out of the mold. It was so much fun I had to stop myself from making too many. What are you making for Valentine's Day?


julie - eab designs said...

These are so beautiful. I've tried molded chocolates before but have never seen a cameo mold. I'll have to check out local candy supply store when I visit this week. Thanks for the tip.

Amy Kinser said...

Goodness, you are talented. These are gorgeous. I wish I could get a taste through this little laptop.

hometown girl said...

wow these turned out just beautiful! super job! i just made paper valentines :) have a great week!! susan

Marilou of Lulu's Lovlies said...

You did a wonderful job on those chocolates, I'm afraid if I made those I would be in trouble they look so good I would have to set a limit on how many I would allow myself to eat with this sweet tooth of mine! They look so professional! Have a great weekend, I'm stopping by from Jills Porch Party. Have a great week, Marilou

Gypsy Brocante said...

SO pretty! ... I do wish I could have a nibble or two ... I LOVE the cameo mold ... romantic indeed!! Can't wait to see what you come up with for next week's get together ; )


Claudia said...

Those chocolates are romantic and beautiful!

Queen of Dreamsz said...

I've been seeing these lately but you are the first to show the process of making them. They are really pretty and I'm sure they're tasty too!

I'm visiting for Porch Club Monday...Have a wonderful day,
Stephanie ♥

Anonymous said...

Your candy looks fabulous!!I'm hungry now!


Passionate for White said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog and in turn, turning me on to yours.... very nice!

Debbie~ said...

Fabulous! Looove how they turned out, I have a thing for cameo's anyhoo, so they're extra special!!!

Just today I carried a little mold of a rubber ducky and the chocolate's around Michael's and then decided not to get them. You've inspired me to go back and get them! I'm hosting a baby shower this weekend with a 'Rubber Ducky' theme!Thanks so much for visiting my blog and your kind words! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs