Monday, June 25, 2007

Flea Market Mondays

Our local flea market is on Monday. I almost feel guilty starting my week with something fun! I mean , who looks forward to monday. Thats the day to get back to work, the grind starts again. Not for me.....flea market and lunch at an Amish restaurant. Sounds like a saturday to me. Luckily, I put the day to good use and scooped up some treasures. I still don't know what I will keep and what I will sell. Crystal glass buttons! Who uses those on their clothes. Certainly not moms in jeans like me. And they used to sell 5 crystal buttons for 25 cents. Then I found vintage buttons on almost perfect cards. So sweet. Well, I hope your monday was as wonderful as mine. I promise, when it comes to Saturday I'll do some chores!


Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Sounds like a wonderful Monday! Every Monday should be thi much fun! good for you. And I love the crystal buttons!


Stephanie said...

What pretty buttons!! Love all your pretty blog! Never feel guilty about a fun day shopping! :)

Angelic Accents

Ele said...

ahhh, Love those buttons. They are the best, and flea market shopping, how fun!

kajsa said...

I love the colour range on your blog. All your posts fits well together, well done you!

Bertie said...

Gives Monday a whole new meaning! The flea market I attend is opened on Tues and Wed and also part of a large Amish community. I don't go much until September because it is so crowded! What great finds you made on this Monday! Good for you!

vickie said...

What a great find, I'm going to check out your ebay and etsy sites. Thanks for sharing your flea market finds!

Merci-Notes said...

Very pretty buttons!
With Kindness,

kris hurst said...

beautiful buttons- what a find!!!