Friday, June 15, 2007

Who wants to read........

A blog.........or rather , me writing a blog! Who would want to read that. But then I thought my sister or neighbor talks to me and it's not because I know something important. OK , I do know the weather report from time to time. But really we chat for human contact, to share ideas, to let people know we care and I thought "I can do that". And I'd like to give it a try and hope you come along and talk over the fence.


Dolly said...

Hi Karen, Your blog looks good!
Keep going you will be an ole pro before you know it!

I will read your blog and I am sure you can count on all the gals at PRH to visit often!

Hugz, Dolly ~ From my CHERRY heart

*Heidi* said...

Hi! Found you through Dolly's blog! Your banner is beautiful! (And so are the items in your Etsy store!) Have fun!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Welcome to Blogland; I have met many wonderful people here, and I'm sure you will too!
I love your name, and your banner is so pretty; full of interesting treasures!

Stephanie said...

Hi Karen, what a pretty blog! Love that banner! I can't wait to get to know you better thru your postings. We PRH girls check in on each other almost daily ~ I'll be back for sure!

Angelic Accents

vickie said...

Hi Karen, well, looks like we have both got started to the blogland!This will get easier, I am sure! Please let me add your name to my blog! Love your Etsy store!

Ele said...

WELCOMT to blogland!!! I love your name and your banner is gorgeous. I am adding you to my favs!

Miss Rhea said...

Karen, it looks Great !! Welcome to Blogging !! Now show us some of the pretty stuff you make. *smile*

Bertie said...

Welcome to blogland, Karen! I look forward to your musings and thoughts and will be back to chat often. We PRH sisters have to stick together! Please come see me, too!

Kathleen Grace said...

Hi Karen, I had the same thought when I startet my blog. Who will want to read it? I think you will be surprised! Your blog is very pretty! May I ask which blogger template you use? Who did your header? I am still pretty new to this too and I still dont have the hang of how to get my blog to look the way I want it to!