Thursday, September 25, 2008

Goodies and treats

This is the newest handpainted plate find for my dining room. I found it at the flea market. I hope to someday be able to line the top of my dining room walls with a border of pretty plates. I have to collect the small size as there is not much room between the ceiling and some decorative molding. Our fleamarket has a building of inside shops and I finally used a giftcard that I have had since valentines day to buy this snowman. He is so not me. I don't have any snowmen and he isn't pink or aqua but I wanted something different and his face is so sweet. Most of the shop is too primitive for me except when they get their Christmas decor in. They have the beautiful pastel putz houses in the large size and I was planning on getting that.....but didn't . I like him. Do you think he can go with my other pretty pastel Christmas items? I would hate to put him in the bathroom where all the not-quite-right decor goes. I think he will have a home in my kitchen which is not very cottage. Anyway. He makes me smile.


Connie said...

Absolutely, he would go!! I think he's adorable and that plate I've already "lusted" over, sweetpea!! LOL

Miss Rhea said...

He is adorable !! You could tie a pink or aqua ribbon around his neck and his hat and then he would match. :) I love that pretty plate. You will have to take pictures some day of where you are hanging them. :)

Jennifer said...

Oh The plate is very pretty!SO soft looking.

I love the snowman!Hes adorable and vintage looking.


Katie said...

I love his buttons! And how sweet of you to get that plate for me for Christmas.......hee you!