Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

I wanted to thank some special people for remembering my birthday. The first is my friend Bertie. She makes the most gorgeous items from bridal laces from wedding gowns. And boy, can she fill a box! Please go look at her site.Thanks so much!
Next is my friend Katie . Katie makes such sweet roses out of delicate paper and she sent me this one adorning a magnet for the fridge. She also makes tea bags in the shape of roses. Check her out.

My DD got me a pedometer ( and I clicked that baby right on) and a book about ...well,...bookmaking. I wish I had a small portion of the artistic talent that is found in my girls. Thanks honey!

DD's boyfriend even bought me a craft book. I like him already! he-he.

My DH bought for me this necklace from Karla , at Karla'scottage. Actually, I bought it quite a while ago and told him to put it away for me. It was worth the wait....and I really had forgotten what it looked like. Love it! Thanks buddy!


Connie said...

You are truly blessed, sweetpea! I KNOW you are well loved.....;-)
Smoochies and Happy Birthday,

A Hint of Home said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a great day.

The Rose Room said...

Happy Happy Birthday and what lovely pretties you got! Rachaelxo

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I'm such a bad friend cuz I didn't send you anything. Great gifts from hubby. DD boyfriend is pretty impressive too!!! Bertie and Katie are the best. Always giving. I'm hoping you'll make some kind of paper Halloween/fall vingette. I need some decorations!

Thrifty Cottage Dreams said...

Happy Birthday, yesterday! You have some great things there!